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Physiotherapy, Massage, Physio-led Machine Pilates, Group Reformer, & Studio Classes.

Why Corefitphysio?

Our approach is not new – it’s simply outstanding!

We provide you with the perfect tools to manage your body best.

We can get the right results for you by treating you with traditional Physiotherapy methods or massage. Using machine based Pilates, we will help you towards a lifestyle change and self-management regime to include a group reformer session or studio class into your week. 

If you’re in pain, we relate this to the underlying pathology. We watch you move in every session and identify asymmetries and areas of weakness through a process on ongoing assessment. We tell you in plain English why you are experiencing your symptoms and aim our treatment at the cause of your discomfort. We use evidence-based, functional and dynamic rehab methods to help you get better faster with the focus on long term and lasting change. We teach good exercise well and use hands-on techniques to treat you holistically.
We tailor your treatment to you, your health needs and your personal goals.

Personalised, focussed and fun!

Simply put – it’s not what we do, it’s how we do it!

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