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Why Corefitphysio?
We place you, your body and your wellness at the heart of everything we do.
Our holistic approach isn’t new – but it is pretty outstanding.
Our deep, expert understanding of human anatomy and our drive for clinical excellence sets us apart. Since our doors opened in 2016, this ethos, alongside our empathetic, skilled team has underpinned everything we do, which is perhaps why we have grown to one of the largest Physiotherapy and Reformer Pilates centres in Surrey. We are incredibly proud to welcome a broad, warm and embracing community of clients through our Practice doors each week, from teens to octogenarians. We support the super sporty amateur athlete, those simply wanting to keep mobile, active and enjoying the good things in life, through to clients in acute pain who want to get out and find a strategy to stay out of pain. Every client receives the very warmest of welcomes and the very highest standard of treatment and support. Friendships are made here. Tribes are found.
Your journey with us is unique and expert-led from the very beginning and through every aspect. Your first session with us will be with one of our Senior Physiotherapists who will not only assess your body but talk with you to understand what you what to achieve, what you are concerned about and very importantly, how you want to feel.
Using a combination of traditional Physiotherapy methods, Clinical Pilates and Specialist Massage, we work with you find the perfect suite of tools and techniques, supporting and guiding you to manage your body in the best possible way. We develop a personalised strategy to repair, build and maintain your body, helping you towards a lifestyle change or self-management routine to keep you strong, mobile and feeling great.

Simply put – it’s not what we do, it’s how we do it.  And we do it together.

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