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CoreFitPhysio offers Physio-led Reformer/Machine Pilates Group Classes at our beautiful studio in Westcott (10 minutes from Dorking). These are rewarding, fun Pilates group classes that run across an extensive timetable, so if you are looking for Pilates in the Dorking area, then you have come to the right place. We also offer Private Pilates Training, and Bespoke training is available for clients who would like to enjoy their pilates in a small group of 2 or 3 people. All classes are held in our beautifully appointed Pilates Studio spaces at our clinic in Westcott, Dorking. Our Reformer and Machine Pilates clients range in age from 15 to 80+. Each has a different journey… a very different goal. Pilates is for everybody!

Are you looking for Exercise Classes on the outskirts of Dorking? Our portfolio of Exercise Classes is extensive. You can choose from:

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You might simply be looking for a local Pilates class to improve your fitness – well what better way than under the guidance of a Physiotherapist. We also have clients who attend classes specifically for Pre/Rehabilitation following injury or a medical procedure and others who want Pre/Post-Natal Classes. We cover sport in a big way too. many of our clients are athletes (at all levels) and they use reformer and machine pilates to improve performance or help recovery and prevent future chances of injury.

Reformer Pilates Dorking Surrey
Our clients come from all the villages around Dorking including Abinger, Shere, Gomshall, Peaslake, Holmbury, Leith Hill, Coldharbour, Ranmore, Holmwood, Beare Green, Brockham, and right across the beautiful Surrey Hills.

What do you mean by Physio-led Pilates Training Dorking?

Our Pilates Instructors are also fully qualified Physios – it is our Unique Selling Point (USP): So whatever your reasons for attending sessions, you will benefit from this integrated approach to fitness, health, and wellbeing. We can offer a wide range of safe, balanced, highly effective, empowering, and challenging full-body workouts suitable for ALL from absolute beginner to the most advanced. Whatever your goals, you are in very safe hands.


” I absolutely love the reformer Pilates classes at CorefitPhysio! I not only feel stronger – as I get that bit older – but it’s, also, encouraged me to focus on and improve my posture. The classes are small – 6:1 – and perfectly formed; paying particular attention to your individual needs. Huge thanks  for making every class different and always challenging us to be better!”


DIRECTIONS – Coming from Dorking

Heading out of Dorking via West Street, follow the A25 towards Guildford for 1.7 miles and you will arrive in Westcott.
Please use our interactive Google Map to find us.

Feel free to get in touch if you need any assistance with directions, parking or anything else.

Private Pilates Training a short drive from Dorking
Pilates Session for Sport 10 minutes from Dorking
Reformer/Machine Pilates Classes Dorking
Private Pilates Session 10 mins from Dorking
Private Pilates Closed Sessions in Westcott, Dorking
Wunderchair Dorking

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The ‘Reformer’ is the name given to the platform and frame used in reformer Pilates. Possibly the most famous piece of Pilates equipment alongside the other darlings of the Hollywood A-set, the Cadillac and Wunderchair. Within the frame, there is a fixed platform one end, and a sliding mat-like section called the ‘carriage’. The carriage moves forwards and backwards on runners, attached to the platform by a set of springs. These springs provide strong, medium, or low resistance as the carriage is moved. There’s an adjustable foot bar and long straps with hand/foot loops, which are used to work the legs and arms, and shoulder blocks stabilising you when you’re working out.
“The team at CorefitPhysio (Westcott, Dorking) have genuinely changed my life and kept me working without pain for years longer than I ever imagined possible. I tell everyone about how fantastic their Reformer Pilates is and how professional and dedicated the team at CorefitPhysio is.”

A reformer Pilates machine can be used in a huge range of ways to benefit strength, flexibility, and balance. Classes often include the use of small Pilates equipment including balls, Pilates rings, ankle weights, resistance bands, a balance mat, and an integrated block for added impact, interest, and challenge. Book a 45-minute introductory session with one of our amazing Physio team and let us introduce you to the Reformer Revolution!

In short, our physio-led Reformer sessions are safe, challenging, effective, and fun for all.



“I first went to CorefitPhysio to get help with a shoulder injury and the team there have been amazing. I am now a complete convert to reformer Pilates and would highly recommend the studio whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro!”

Feeling inspired? Let’s get you started.

Your first step to getting into a Reformer or Machine Pilates session with us would be in the form of an appointment in Practice for a Physical Baseline Assessment or Full Biomechanical Assessment (MOT) with a member of our senior physio team.

During this session, we will take a history of your physical condition, look at your movement using Pilates exercises to assess you, as well giving you a brief introduction to Reformer and machine-based Pilates. We will explain our findings and give you a small selection of home exercises to get you going in preparation for your next session with us. We will discuss which session types (Privates or Group Classes) may be most beneficial for you and together you and the physio will agree on a goal-led plan to target your specific needs and wants.

We also offer a ‘Getting Started’ package which is a beautiful bundle of Physical Baseline Assessment, Group Reformer Pilates session, and a Dynamic Matwork class offering a saving of 15%.

Pilates Classes Dorking - Assessment


Our Bespoke Pilates Training clients range in age from 15 to 80+. Each has a different journey… a very different goal. Some are starting pre-surgical preparations (prehab) or are in post-surgical rehab, some are managing symptoms of chronic conditions through a tailored exercise programme. There are amazing amateur athletes looking to support their sport-specific goals, busy professionals needing to be ‘fighting fit’ and physically resilient, or parents requiring some well-being and reparative time. There are bright and brilliant retirees looking to avoid injury and maintain a healthy, active, mobile lifestyle, keeping their options broad and horizons long.

” I see Danni once a week to prevent injury relapse and stay strong. She understands my body and creates perfect exercise sessions for me that challenge me physically and keep me strong, but don’t compromise me.”

Some clients take Bespoke Pilates Sessions because they simply want to stay strong, flexible, and mobile – walking their dog without feeling pain or fear of falling. They come in all shapes & sizes, have different physical challenges, limitations, or ambitions, and are beautifully unique and special.

We also offer Private Pilates Sessions at our Studio 10 minutes from Dorking station for Pre-Natal, Prehab / Rehab, Sports Event Preparation and for Mobility and Stretching.

Whatever the aim, Bespoke Pilates Training gives better control over how your body moves and reacts, helps to create a strong core which translates to improved balance and reduced risk of injuries, aids recovery, and will take you to a new level of mind/body connection.

These sessions are usually taken in a 1:1, 2:1, or 3:1 format or as a small, closed group (up to 6 people) if you would like regular bespoke sessions with like-minded friends.

“Corefitphysio has been instrumental in bringing me back to a good level of fitness and in particular strengthening my inner core which has helped with a long standing lower back issue, where nothing else did. All instructors are trained physios so they know what they are doing and you feel safe in their hands. Particular mention goes to ‘Serji’ who has carefully helped me over the past 6 months, never rushing but at the same time keeping the sessions challenging and I’m now in a much better place as a result.

Book a Physical Baseline or Full Biomechanical assessment with one of our senior physiotherapists or a consultation with one of our neuro, vestibular, or Women’s Health specialists, and let’s get your journey to wellbeing started.


Our Physio-led dynamic Mat and Barre classes are a low-impact, full-body workout suitable for all ages, and all levels of fitness and goals. Limited to 8 attendees per session, they are perfect for underpinning your fitness, strength, balance, and flexibility, aiming to keep you injury-free. Some class attendees are recovering from injury or illness and need support to get moving well, some starting pre-surgical preparations (prehab) or are progressing in their post-surgical rehab.

We also have some amazing amateur athletes looking to support their sport-specific goals for better performance, injury prevention and faster recovery, busy professionals needing to be ‘fighting fit’ and physically resilient or parents requiring some well-being and reparative time.

There are bright and brilliant retirees looking to avoid injury and maintain a healthy, active, mobile lifestyle, keeping their options broad and horizons long.

Whichever camp you fall in to, these small physio-led sessions may be a great choice for you – body and mind.

” I tried various different classes and found two that I love … Dynamic Matwork Pilates and Barre. I also like a 1:1 Reformer session. I have been attending classes for over a year and my back no longer bothers me, as long as I do make sure I attend the classes regularly. I have to say that the team at CorefitPhysio are wonderful – very helpful and make such an effort to accommodate my needs. ” 

To learn a little more about Dynamic Matwork Pilates, Dynamic Barre, what they are, how they work, and what they might do for you and your body … read on!



Our Physio-led dynamic Mat classes (Pilates Mat Classes a short walk or cycle from Dorking) are a low-impact, full-body workout suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness and goals. Limited to 8 attendees per session, this tailored session is perfect on its own or an excellent supplement to improve your performance on the Reformer. Each session at our Studio in Westcott, Dorking focuses on coordination, balance, strength, and posture, using your body weight as resistance as well as adding extra challenge with small equipment including resistance bands, small weights, and Pilates ring circles.

“So, so, so much fun! I think everyone can safely say they enjoyed a brilliant Matwork session last night. Legs are nicely burning after double Pilates last night and this morning. Thank you!”

The true foundation of Pilates practice, mat sessions bring all round benefits to both body and mind, using breathwork to help you feel more centred, aligned, and connected. Not only brilliant at firing up your mid-section, but sessions also tone the whole body and drive increased flexibility by lengthening through dynamic stretching, easing tightness, and reducing tension. Over time, you can expect to feel improved posture, an improved range of movement, balance and coordination, and a lowering of your stress levels, not to mention a dollop of fat burning which will continue for hours after your session.

“Arion has great attention to detail around what his clients need, and he focuses his classes accordingly. He makes the classes fun, is encouraging, and you definitely get a great workout! My posture and muscle tone have improved no end as a result.”

If you are in good health, without areas of specific concern that you might need addressing through a physical baseline or full biomechanical assessment with one of our physio team, then you can head straight into one of our sessions. Just hop to our ‘book now’ section and secure your spot in class this week!

Pilates Matwork Classes Dorking



Our Physio-led Barre classes (Barre Dorking) are full-body workouts for all ages and fitness levels, challenging your entire body and perfect for improving strength, stability, and endurance without exacerbating injuries or overloading joints. Barre engages muscles that you perhaps wouldn’t usually focus on, with high reps and a low-impact movements that shape, sculpt, tone, and finetune muscles. It focusses on building long, lean muscles, strengthening, and toning – not bulking. These sessions will undoubtedly improve your balance and strength; your body will learn to work efficiently to build core strength.

Classes incorporate small equipment such as light weights or resistance bands, while performing standing exercises at the barre drawn from dance, Pilates, and integrated exercise principles.

“The barre classes at CorefitPhysio are so good. Serji such a great instructor and takes through our paces, always aware that we are doing it correctly but still making it fun. Music always great! We love the 80s vibe!”

“It is a pleasure to be taught by Serji; her knowledge, understanding and empathy make her classes rewarding and fun. No matter what physical ailments we present to Serji, classes are thoughtfully adapted to our requirements.”

A fun and lively format set to fabulous music, exercises are adapted to individual needs respecting each individual’s strengths and challenges. Guaranteed to make your thighs quiver in a good way!

If you haven’t tried it, do! No assessment is required, just hop to our ‘book now’ section and secure your spot at the barre this week!

Barre Studio Classes Dorking


Prehab: Our physio-led reformer Pilates sessions focus on strength, stability, and balance using low-impact exercises and controlled movement to protect your joints. In each session, we will work with you to develop a progressive programme of movements and exercises aimed at avoiding injury, decreasing pain, and preparing for your surgery. This helps to identify issues in strength, stability, range of motion, balance, and overall joint function, getting your mind and body ready for what it will be like after your surgery.

Rehab: Our physio-led Reformer Pilates sessions do not exacerbate but help to reduce pain and offer safe gradual strengthening which is both effective and low-impact. We will work with you to develop a progressive programme of movements and exercises using the Reformer machine to adjust resistance and gradually increase it as your recovery progresses; gentle on the joints, controlled and physio-led at every stage.

Regular sessions for prehab or rehab Pilates at our Studio 1.5 miles from Dorking will help to strengthen your muscles for faster recovery along with strengthening the tissues around your joints to help joint mobility return more swiftly. Read Simon’s Testimonial

For full and comprehensive information on our Prehab and Rehab Pilates Sessions, visit our main Pilates and Surgery page.

Pilates Re-hab Session Dorking


Our physio-led Reformer Pilates at our Studio in Westcott, Dorking is an excellent way to perform safe-effective, low-impact exercise to maintain your general health and well-being throughout the whole of your pregnancy and beyond.

Pre-natal: Our Reformer sessions can be taken as 1:1 session, Group Reformer session (6:1), or as a closed group of up to six people if you would like a regular private session with friends. All are modified to you and your changing body and you will only undertake exercises that are completely safe for you and your baby, focussing on slow, regulated movement helps to deliver stress relief as well as the physical benefits of maintaining good posture and strengthening core muscles. This significantly reduces the risk of back and pelvic pain and there is great evidence to suggest that women who regularly exercise their core muscles during pregnancy experience shorter labours.

Post-natal: When you are ready to return to class (typically at 6 weeks after a natural birth and 8-12 weeks post caesarean section), our physio-led Reformer/Machine-based Pilates are ideal for recovery. A postnatal check after having your baby is recommended for all women post-birth regardless of delivery type. Before hopping into a Reformer Pilates session, you will need to book a consultation with our Senior Women’s Heath Physio, who fully assesses and treats our postnatal clients, allowing them to regain optimum health following birth.

Pre and Post Natal Reformer Machine Pilates Dorking


If you live in or around Dorking amidst this beautiful countryside and sporting wonderland, then CorefitPhysio is the perfect place to Pilates for Sports. A full-body workout that builds serious strength, our Reformer Pilates session can activate muscles that traditional exercise sometimes fails to reach.

In short, Reformer Pilates reduces injuries and aids recovery, it gives better control over how your body moves and reacts, it helps to create a strong core which translates to improved balance and reduced risk of injuries, and it will take you to a new level of intense mind/body awareness.

If you are struggling with recurring injury, or not quite reaching your A game, doing what you always did will get you what you always got. Hop into a class.

“What started as a solution to continuous running injuries, has become a part of mid-life strategy for bone density and weight bearing. Thanks to weekly reformer classes with Helen and Arion, my core feels strong and I’m running with less frequent injuries, as well as being better informed about how to best protect my body. But CorefitPhysio is so much more than Pilates or physio. The talented and lovely people who work there really care about your wellbeing, which comes through in every interaction and advice. Adding to this I have met some lovely friends in the CorefitPhysio community. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

If you are new to us, your journey will start with a Physical Baseline Assessment for Sports MOT.


The light at the end of the tunnel, health through Pilates. This fabulous piece of art, inspired by our CorefitPhysio logo, painted in oils and framed by our Nigel was gifted as a ‘token of his appreciation’ to Robyn and our team. We do what we do because we care deeply about each and every wonderful human being that walks, rolls, or skips through our practice doors. But, there are some people that kinda have you at ‘Hello’ and Nigel is one of them. He won our hearts and blew us away with his positivity, humour and unrelenting determination.

In his words “I arrived at CorefitPhysio in a wheelchair, unable to stand without assistance only 6 weeks ago. Today I am walking.” Nigel trusted in the rehabilitation process fully, engaged in every movement, exercise & direction, got an A+ for his homework and worked incredibly hard with our Senior Physiotherapist, Robyn Boothroyd. Today, he is not only walking unaided but climbing stairs and making plans to embrace and enjoy every aspect of of his hard earned mobility and the freedom that affords.

Bravo. Nigel.

The whole CorefitPhysio team was proud to support Benedicte (Ben) in her inspirational training journey ahead of running the London Marathon on 2nd October 2022, in aid of The World Wildlife Fund (WWF). 20 years on from her last marathon, Ben, a committed and intelligent amateur athlete, knew she needed a new string to her training bow and that stability was essential for good running technique and to help her avoid injury. That’s where we came. As an exclusively physio-led practice, we know that the slightest imbalance of the body can go on to create problems because of the repetitive nature of the running movement. Reformer Pilates is particularly effective for runners, working on hip, knee, and ankle alignment and improving the mechanics of the core and lower limb, in particular. It delivers fast results which is just what was needed.

Ben started her journey with us in December 2021 with a full bio-mechanical assessment before slotting quickly into group Reformer sessions. The focus of this was to supplement and underpin her meticulous programme of hill running and nutritional focus.

“As a runner who like to push my body, Reformer Pilates has become the ideal strength training to supplement my training and in preparing for this year’s London Marathon. I joined Corefit after a series of minor but frequent injuries and I am happy to say I have stayed injury free since.”

I’ve been attending Reformer Pilates, Studio classes, and physiotherapy sessions CorefitPhysio regularly since it opened! Lifetime follower right here. Following a slow and frustrating recovery from ligament reconstruction of my ankle, I decided to seek professional help at CorefitPhysio and I’ve never looked back. Through physio assessment, I was diagnosed with hypermobility and began to understand my body better as a result. Very importantly I learned how I needed to care for it to prevent further injury.

Then came cancer. Bowel cancer to be precise. And I left CorefitPhysio for several months during treatment (in retrospect I wish I hadn’t). It was during my recovery following major bowel surgery that I began to experience severe sciatica. My body was shot to pieces from chemo. I was weak, riddled with pain, and missed all of my regular exercise. I was devastated.

The team at Corefit managed to help me rehabilitate to a place where I could run again, where I wasn’t in pain 24/7, where I could go back to work and sit/stand at work as a doctor and sit on a flight to South Africa for a belated 40th trip that I never thought I’d make firstly with cancer, then debilitating sciatica. My recovery was far from linear but CorefitPhysio was and still is my lifeline, my therapy, and a necessity for my hypermobile body and I to function well together. I’ve sprained my ankle at least 20 times, sometimes so severe I can’t walk. And together with the Corefit team, I’ve got back up again literally. In March 2021, I posed a question. Could run the London marathon for a bowel cancer charity. The team had their reservations as my injured, bendy, sciatic body may not take it…but the legends they are, they supported me, looked after my multiple injuries through training, whilst mopping up my tears. They encouraged me, strength trained me, and Senior Physiotherapist, Miranda even completed all the running training with me. I successfully ran the whole London marathon in October 2021.

“Thankyou CorefitPhysio for helping me live my best life post cancer, for supporting me, for keeping me strong.  As a doctor I wish everyone could access clinical Pilates in some form, as the health benefits mentally and physically are immense.”