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Pauline P Testimonial


In 2014 Pauline fell from her horse resulting in a burst fracture of her lumbar spine. While in St George’s hospital, she experienced a massive multiple pulmonary emboli and spent several weeks in intensive care.  Eventually, Pauline was well enough for corrective surgery which went well but meant she had to relearn to walk with the help of the physios at Royal Surrey Hospital.

Pauline worked on her recommended exercises at home for about 18 months but was still in a lot of pain. At this point, her neurosurgeon decided to remove the metal work in her back to improve recovery chances. Progress was steady, but just a year later Pauline had broken her humerus in three places and damaged her shoulder socket.  It was unclear how much recovery she could expect, but mostly Pauline was worried about losing momentum with her back recovery…


“One important thing I’ve learnt is when I’m in pain, no matter what time of the day it is, I get down and do a few stretches it really helps. I feel very lucky with my recovery, I worked hard but most importantly I had a lot of help from CorefitPhysio and especially Miranda, I can’t thank them enough.”


I have always been adventurous, sporty, and active despite liking my food. When not working, I sail and ski, and exercise in various forms to enhance my ability in both. I have never been trim, nor have I had a great posture. I compensate with strength and drive and to help master the various challenges I like testing myself with. I’ve completed marathons, clambered up mountains, and competed at an elite level, fuelled by drive and determination rather than ability or fitness.

Emily, my wife discovered Corefit Physio and Reformer Pilates in January ’22 and as soon as she told me about it, I got the strong sense it was going to be a great thing for me too. As I was travelling at the time it took till April ’22 before I had my assessment with Serji and entered the wonderful world of Corefit myself. I was amazed by what I learned and took to it like a duck to water, and it has been great from the very first class…


“There are two final things to mention. The first is the unexpected and affirming pleasure of the people. All the clients and the team are friendly and welcoming. The bones of the establishment have goodness at their heart, and it is wonderful to be part of that.”


Shaun Frohlich Testimonial


The whole CorefitPhysio team was proud to support Benedicte (Ben) in her inspirational training journey ahead of running the London Marathon on 2nd October 2022, in aid of The World Wildlife Fund (WWF). 20 years on from her last marathon, Ben, a committed and intelligent amateur athlete, knew she needed a new string to her training bow and that stability was essential for good running technique and to help her avoid injury. That’s where we came. As an exclusively physio-led practice, we know that the slightest imbalance of the body can go on to create problems because of the repetitive nature of the running movement. Reformer Pilates is particularly effective for runners, working on hip, knee, and ankle alignment and improving the mechanics of the core and lower limb, in particular. It delivers fast results which is just what was needed.

Ben started her journey with us in December 2021 with a full bio-mechanical assessment before slotting quickly into group Reformer sessions. The focus of this was to supplement and underpin her meticulous programme of hill running and nutritional focus.

“As a runner who like to push my body, Reformer Pilates has become the ideal strength training to supplement my training and in preparing for this year’s London Marathon. I joined Corefit after a series of minor but frequent injuries and I am happy to say I have stayed injury free since.”

I’ve been attending Reformer Pilates, Studio classes, and physiotherapy sessions Corefit Physio regularly since it opened! Lifetime follower right here. Following a slow and frustrating recovery from ligament reconstruction of my ankle, I decided to seek professional help at Corefit Physio and I’ve never looked back. Through physio assessment, I was diagnosed with hypermobility and began to understand my body better as a result. Very importantly I learned how I needed to care for it to prevent further injury.

Then came cancer. Bowel cancer to be precise. And I left Corefit Physio for several months during treatment (in retrospect I wish I hadn’t). It was during my recovery following major bowel surgery that I began to experience severe sciatica. My body was shot to pieces from chemo. I was weak, riddled with pain, and missed all of my regular exercise. I was devastated.

The team at Corefit managed to help me rehabilitate to a place where I could run again, where I wasn’t in pain 24/7, where I could go back to work and sit/stand at work as a doctor and sit on a flight to South Africa for a belated 40th trip that I never thought I’d make firstly with cancer, then debilitating sciatica. My recovery was far from linear but Corefit Physio was and still is my lifeline, my therapy, and a necessity for my hypermobile body and I to function well together. I’ve sprained my ankle at least 20 times, sometimes so severe I can’t walk. And together with the Corefit team, I’ve got back up again literally. In March 2021, I posed a question. Could run the London marathon for a bowel cancer charity. The team had their reservations as my injured, bendy, sciatic body may not take it…but the legends they are, they supported me, looked after my multiple injuries through training, whilst mopping up my tears. They encouraged me, strength trained me, and Senior Physiotherapist, Miranda even completed all the running training with me. I successfully ran the whole London marathon in October 2021.

“Thankyou Corefit Physio for helping me live my best life post cancer, for supporting me, for keeping me strong.  As a doctor I wish everyone could access clinical Pilates in some form, as the health benefits mentally and physically are immense.”

The light at the end of the tunnel, health through Pilates. This fabulous piece of art, inspired by our Corefit Physio logo, painted in oils and framed by our Nigel was gifted as a ‘token of his appreciation’ to Robyn and our team. We do what we do because we care deeply about each and every wonderful human being that walks, rolls, or skips through our practice doors. But, there are some people that kinda have you at ‘Hello’ and Nigel is one of them. He won our hearts and blew us away with his positivity, humour and unrelenting determination.

In his words “I arrived at Corefit Physio in a wheelchair, unable to stand without assistance only 6 weeks ago. Today I am walking.” Nigel trusted in the rehabilitation process fully, engaged in every movement, exercise & direction, got an A+ for his homework and worked incredibly hard with our Senior Physiotherapist, Robyn Boothroyd. Today, he is not only walking unaided but climbing stairs and making plans to embrace and enjoy every aspect of of his hard earned mobility and the freedom that affords.

Bravo. Nigel.


What our clients say…

I have enjoyed group reformer Pilates lessons with all the Physios and each has their own unique talent. Each lesson is thoroughly enjoyable and always different, they really push you whilst making sure adaptations are made for any personal injuries. In addition, I have benefited from the occasional sports massage. Well done team. Keep up the excellent work.
A Pilates Client
After a Discectomy operation, CorefitPhysio was recommended to me, in particular Miranda, who specialises in neurophysiotherapy. Thanks to her dedicated treatment, I am able to play golf again and lead a normal life, for which I am most grateful. My husband has also consulted CorefitPhysio, for a plantar fasciitis problem and also shoulder pains, and on both occasions was very satisfied with the outcome.
A Neurophysio Client
Jimenez Joseph Testimonial
Minnie C Testimonial
I tried various classes and found two that I love … Pilates and Barre. I also like a 1:1 Pilates Reformer. I have been attending classes for over a year and my back no longer bothers me as long as I make sure I attend the classes regularly. I have to say that the team at CorefitPhysio are wonderful, very helpful and make such an effort to accommodate my needs.
A Physio & Pilates Client
Rachelle is an excellent physiotherapist. It’s great to have someone who really specialises in and understands Women’s Health and all the complexities that come with it – especially after three children. I cannot recommend her more highly.
Physio & Women’s Health Client
A forward thinking, progressive practice. I absolutely love this place and feel blessed to have it on my doorstep. Everyone is so friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. I feel more toned, happy and walking around with no pain. First time in 20 years… Wonderful.
A Post-Natal Pilates Client
Post-natal Pilates today was a lovey class – thank you so much for making it work for us new mums! It was super relaxed and a great opportunity to get some exercise in and have a giggle. Rachelle was brilliant as ever! Ada [baby] and I can’t wait for the next one.
A Post-Natal Pilates Client
Simon Thomas Testimonial
Erin Marathon Runner Testimonial