Our Physio-led Reformer & other Machine Pilates sessions are a safe, balanced, highly effective, empowering, and challenging full-body workout suitable for ALL from absolute beginner to the most advanced.

Our Physio-led Reformer & other Machine Pilates sessions are a safe, balanced, highly effective, empowering, and challenging full-body workout suitable for for ALL from absolute beginner to the most advanced.


Our Reformer and Machine Pilates clients range in age from 15 to 80+. Each has a different journey… a very different goal. Some are in prehab or rehab; others are amateur athletes looking to support their sport-specific goals… many busy professionals needing to be ‘fighting fit’ and physically resilient or parents requiring some well-being and reparative time. There are bright and brilliant retirees looking to avoid injury and maintain a healthy active lifestyle, keeping their options broad and horizons long. Some clients take Reformer or Machine Pilates sessions because they simply want to stay strong, mobile and walk their dog without feeling pain.

They come in all shapes & sizes, have different physical challenges, limitations, or ambitions, and are beautifully unique and special.

“There’s a certain stigma about men attending Pilates classes, but having experienced back pain for most of my adult life I knew I needed to do something. I was a little apprehensive at first. But I shouldn’t have been. The team at CorefitPhysio made me feel very welcome from day one and within the first few moments of my first Reformer class, all my concerns evaporated. Attending classes here has now become a regular fixture in my weekly diary. And as for the back pain – I can honestly say it is now under control for the first time in years. For any men hesitating to get involved – I’d say just give it a go.”

Hop into our booking section to book a Baseline Physical Assessment with one of our Senior Physio team and let us introduce you to one or all.

” I absolutely love the reformer Pilates classes at CorefitPhysio! I not only feel stronger – as I get that bit older – but it’s, also, encouraged me to focus on and improve my posture. The classes are small – 6:1 – and perfectly formed; paying particular attention to your individual needs. Huge thanks  for making every class different and always challenging us to be better!”

To learn a little more about the Reformer, Cadillac, or the Wunderchair, what they are, how they work, and what they might do for you and your body … read on!

CorefitPhysio Reformer and Machine Pilates in Action

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The ‘Reformer’ is the name given to the platform and frame used in reformer Pilates. Possibly the most famous piece of Pilates equipment alongside the other darlings of the Hollywood A-set, the Cadillac and Wunderchair. If you’re not familiar, it can look a little daunting on first inspection.

Rest assured, it’s not!

To describe how it works – within the frame, there is a fixed platform and one end and a sliding mat-like section, called the ‘carriage’. The carriage moves forwards and backwards on runners, attached to the platform by a set of springs. These springs provide strong, medium, or low resistance as the carriage is moved. There’s an adjustable foot bar and long straps with hand/foot loops, which are used to work the legs and arms, and shoulder blocks stabilising you when you’re working out.

“The team at CorefitPhysio have genuinely changed my life and kept me working without pain for years longer than I ever imagined possible. I tell everyone about how fantastic their Reformer Pilates is and how professional and dedicated the team at CorefitPhysio is.”

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A reformer Pilates machine can be used in a huge range of ways to benefit strength, flexibility, and balance; the majority involving pushing or pulling the carriage against the spring resistance and controlling the movement back, or holding it in place. This can be done standing, sitting, or laying down using all the different parts of the Reformer for variation.​ Classes often include the use of small Pilates equipment including balls, Pilates rings, ankle weights, resistance bands, a balance mat, and an integrated block for added impact, interest, and challenge.

The versatility of the Reformer means it can continue to challenge even the most experienced Pilates clients; often by holding more of the body off the platform or with the springs on a lighter setting, less resistance requiring more strength and engagement.

Book a 45-minute introductory session with one of our amazing Physio team and let us introduce you to the Reformer Revolution!

In short, our physio-led Reformer sessions are safe, challenging, effective, and fun for all.




Originally developed by Joseph Pilates, the Cadillac is a raised horizontal table surrounded by a four-poster frame to which bars, straps, springs, and levers are fixed.

You can perform upwards of 200 different exercises on the Cadillac challenging core abdominals, spinal flexibility, shoulders, and back, in fact, the whole body. You can isolate almost every muscle group on the machine and it’s an excellent way to break down body movements into small sections to restore the correct movement pattern, strength, and mobility.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced in your practice, with physio-led guidance, the Cadillac is a hugely versatile, safe, and effective piece of equipment, and can be adjusted to suit all levels. Used for upper or lower body, footwork, core, and stretching, the Cadillac helps to correct imbalances in the legs, improve functional movement and standing balance.

Book a 45-minute introduction to Cadillac session with one of our Senior Physio team and discover your Cadillac King or Queen crown.



Designed by Joseph Pilates, the Wunderchair looks a little like a backless chair and consists of a wooden base topped by a padded seat that doubles as a small exercise mat. Beneath the seat, there are split pedals that go up and down, attached to springs on either side offering strong, medium, or low resistance. Exercises are performed sitting upright on the padded surface as well as standing on top, behind, or in front of the chair with hands or feet in contact with the pedals. The Wundachair packs a real punch and is currently the darling of the Hollywood jet set though we’ve been singing its praises for years!

This machine provides a challenge because, in all of the exercises, there is only a small part of the body that is connected to the chair – isolating and working key areas of your body. It is very effective for clients recovering from injuries or those who have physical limitations. With seated or standing exercise options (using handles for balance) it is also appropriate for exercising with supervision at all stages of pregnancy.

Why not book with one of our Physio team for a 45-minute introduction to the Wunderbar Wunderchair? Your body will thank you.

Just as Matwork sessions improve your performance on the Reformer, working on the Wundachair will improve Reformer technique, improving body awareness, balance, and core strength.




“I first went to CorefitPhysio to get help with a shoulder injury and the team there have been amazing. I am now a complete convert to reformer Pilates and would highly recommend the studio whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro!”

Feeling inspired? Let’s get you started.

Your first step to getting into a Reformer or Machine Pilates session with us would be in the form of an appointment in Practice for a Physical Baseline Assessment or Full Biomechanical Assessment (MOT) with a member of our senior physio team.

During this session, we will take a history of your physical condition, look at your movement using Pilates exercises to assess you, as well giving you a brief introduction to Reformer and machine-based Pilates. We will explain our findings and give you a small selection of home exercises to get you going in preparation for your next session with us. We will discuss which session types (Privates or Group Classes) may be most beneficial for you and together you and the physio will agree on a goal-led plan to target your specific needs and wants.

We also offer a ‘Getting Started’ package which is a beautiful bundle of Physical Baseline Assessment, Group Reformer Pilates session, and a Dynamic Matwork class offering a saving of 15%.


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