CoreFitPhysio Pilates and Physiotherapy

Specialist Physio Follow-Up (60mins)


Specialist Physiotherapy FOLLOW-UP MANUAL (available post-initial assessment)
Vestibular | Neuro | Women’s Health Physio | Clinical Lead


Based on the findings from your Neurological, Vestibular, or Women’s Health Biomechanical assessment, it may be agreed that specialist physiotherapy sessions are the right path for you. Your senior Physiotherapist will have assessed and identified any abilities and limitations that may affect function and activities associated with daily living. From this, they will have created an individual, patient-centered treatment plan based on your needs to support you in the short, medium, and long term. This plan will be implemented in these follow-up sessions. Most specialist follow-up sessions are 1-hour appointments. 30-minute appointments are available for Women’s Health treatment as guided by your physiotherapist.

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