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Pilates – Bespoke Training One-Off (1:1) session


PILATES – Bespoke training 1:1 (55mins)
New to us? A Physiotherapy Initial ASSESSMENT is required ahead of booking these sessions.


Suitable for all ages, fitness levels, and personal goals, bespoke Pilates sessions are tailored to your individual needs and ambitions. Whether it’s pre-operative preparation, rehab, sports-specific goals, or a simple preference for one-to-one or smaller group sessions, this is the ideal route to efficiently achieving your goals. Long-term injuries or ongoing conditions may also best be treated in bespoke Pilates sessions. Your physio or clinician will incorporate matwork, small equipment, and machine-based Pilates. A course of bespoke sessions allows time for your Clinician to regularly revise your home exercise programme and to accurately measure your progress. Sessions may be purchased individually or in blocks of 5, 10, or 20 sessions.

These sessions are usually taken in a 1:1, duo (2:1), or trio (3:1) format or as a small, closed group (up to 6 people). It is recommended that those new to Pilates attend a few 1:1 sessions prior to embarking on duo, trio, or closed group sessions. If you would like to arrange a duo, trio, or closed group session please contact our team directly via the ‘Contact’ page.

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