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Biomechanical Assessment – Full Body/Sports/ Pre-Travel MOT (Physiotherapy)


Full-Body/Sports/Pre-Travel MOT – diagnosis, treatment, recommendation and home programme (60 Min)


This full-body MOT is ideal if you have acute or chronic pain, long-term illnesses, complex pain patterns, or more than one physical concern. It can also be framed to sports-specific treatment and performance optimisation or to get you prepared for travelling and maintaining physical well-being while you are away. At your first visit, we will take a full history of your condition/s, review any previous investigations/reports or treatments, look at your movement, understand your current and future physical regime, assess you using Pilates exercises and/or hands-on techniques, explain our findings, and begin hands-on physiotherapy to treat you as appropriate. Following the assessment, we will give you a small selection of home exercises to get you going in preparation for your next session. Together you and the physio will agree on a goal-led treatment/ session plan to target your specific needs and/or goals.

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