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At the CoreFitPhysio physiotherapy clinic in Westcott, Dorking we have trained physiotherapists able to assess, diagnose, and treat a wide range of conditions.  If you are experiencing joint pain, muscle pain or mobility issues, an injury, back pain, pre or post-surgical challenges, managing a chronic condition, or are stuck in an injury loop then we can help.  We recommend a physical baseline or full body biomechanical assessment (MOT) with one of our senior Physios as an excellent first step to positive change.

We will fully assess your body, and how you move, and identify any problems.  We will identify the causes of your condition, provide expert hands-on treatment to improve symptoms and arm you with a positive plan for the future.  If you live near Dorking and need Physio treatment, then contact us. We aim to support and guide you out of pain and into a place of self-management and physio-led support to enjoy an excellent quality of life.

Our expert physiotherapy team in Dorking assess, diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of conditions and target areas including:

Physiotherapy Dorking Surrey
Our physio clients come from all the villages around Dorking including Abinger, Shere, Gomshall, Peaslake, Holmbury, Leith Hill, Coldharbour, Ranmore, Holmwood, Beare Green, Brockham, and right across the beautiful Surrey Hills.
Professional Physiotherapist Dorking Surrey

I have been seeing Tara for the past 6 months. Tara has expertly treated my complicated orthopaedic issues with expert knowledge and consideration;  I am now walking much more confidently and comfortably.  She has inspired me to do my exercises every day. I cannot recommend Tara highly enough or thank her enough for her skill, understanding and care.

After serious injury and surgery the important thing I’ve learnt is when I’m in pain, no matter what time of the day it is, I get down and do a few stretches, it really helps. I feel very lucky with my recovery, I worked hard but most importantly I had a lot of help from CorefitPhysio and especially Miranda, I can’t thank them enough…

As a runner who likes to push my body, Reformer Pilates has become the ideal strength training to supplement my training and in preparing for this year’s London Marathon. I joined CorefitPhysio after a series of minor but frequent injuries and I am happy to say I have stayed injury free since…

The CoreFitPhysio Physio Clinic offers 5 types of physio assessment at our boutique physio clinic in Westcott, Dorking:

If you do not know which physiotherapy assessment you need, then contact us for a quick chat. Let’s get you on the road to recovery


DIRECTIONS – Coming from Dorking

Heading out of Dorking via West Street, follow the A25 towards Guildford for 1.7 miles and you will arrive in Westcott.
Please use our interactive Google Map to find us.

Feel free to get in touch if you need any assistance with directions, parking or anything else.

CorefitPhysio Physiotherapy in Action

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You have a choice of four assessments depending on your physiotherapy needs. You can choose here, or get in touch if you are unsure which is best for you. We treat a huge variety of conditions for a wide range of clients across Dorking and Surrey, so you can be confident we can help:

The Full Body MOT – Biomechanical Assessment

This is ideal if you:

  • have acute or chronic pain
  • long-term illnesses
  • complex pain patterns
  • or more than one physical concern
  • also for sports-specific treatment and performance optimisation

At your first visit to our physio clinic in Westcott, Dorking, we will take a full history of your condition/s, review any previous investigations/reports or treatments, look at your movement, assess you using a range of tools which include some hands-on techniques, explain our findings, and begin physiotherapy to treat you as appropriate.

Following your assessment, we will give you a small selection of home exercises. It may be likely that you need more than one session. Together you and the physio will agree on a goal-led treatment plan to target your specific needs. You could say we have everything you need. That might simply include tailored exercises to aid recovery and build strength and flexibility with a clear plan, or you can even tap into our extensive Reformer Pilates studio as part of that bespoke treatment.


The Physical Baseline Assessment

This baseline assessment is for clients who will subsequently follow a pilates (and other studio exercise) pathway as part of their treatment plan. In order to plan the best approach, all clients need to be assessed by a senior Physiotherapist before starting.  This is also the case for anyone joining our Group Reformer Pilates sessions. We are all different and it is important to get advice bespoke to you and your physiotherapy needs.

During your first visit, we will take a history of your physical condition, and look at your movement using various straightforward but diagnostic exercises to assess you. As we will include our studio classes as part of that treatment plan, we will also give you a brief introduction to Reformer and machine-based Pilates. There are many tools and recommendations in Physiotherapy treatment, so it’s great to have a wide choice to suit your needs. In some cases, clients just need a proven regimen of home exercises with occasional classes to recover and maintain, whereas others might benefit hugely from the strength and flexibility of regular classes at CoreFitPhysio near Dorking as part of their ongoing plan.  All the tools available and expert physiotherapy advice.


Sports MOT – Optimise Your Sporting Achievement

We see a great many sporty people at CoreFitPhysio who live in and around Dorking, Surrey. This beautiful area is a magnet for all sorts of activity from a simple hike to running, on/off-road biking, and horse riding.  With any activity sometimes comes the risk of injury or a need to better condition our bodies to fully enjoy what we are doing.

At our Physio Clinic 10mins from Dorking, we offer an in-depth full-body assessment, diagnosis, and treatment with a senior Physiotherapist for sports. The assessment is framed to sports-specific treatment and performance optimisation. Ideal if you’re taking up a new sport, activity, or physical challenge, you’re increasing the intensity of your training program, have a recurring injury, persistent muscle soreness and/or tightness, or you’ve noticed a change in your range your movement.

During this session, we will take a full history of your condition/s and training programme, review any previous investigations/reports or treatments, assess your movement, posture, and strength using various straightforward exercises and/or hands-on techniques, and explore any predisposition to injury – whether as part of your lifestyle, your work set-up, or from an underlying postural or biomechanical imbalance.

Following the assessment, you will have a better understanding of your body and awareness of any areas of weakness or instability. We will give you a small selection of home exercises to get you going.  It may be you only need one session, or a series of sessions, but you and the physio will agree on a goal-led treatment plan to target your specific techniques to enhance the effectiveness of your training, to increase your performance, and to reduce the risk of injury.


Long-Term Conditions

We offer expert physio-led support and treatment across a range of progressive chronic musculoskeletal, autoimmune,  genetic, cardiac, chronic stress-related, and inflammatory conditions. These include: Osteoporosis, Inflammatory Arthritis, Cancer (during and post-treatment), Cardiac rehabilitation, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Regional pain syndrome (CRPS), Post-Covid/Viral Fatigue, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and Musculoskeletal problems caused by chronic stress.

Your journey towards managing your symptoms to optimise/prolong function and achieve your goals begins with a full biomechanical assessment. During this session, we will ask lots of questions about you, your condition, any treatments that you may have tried previously, and what you hope to achieve. The assessment focuses on identifying any abilities and limitations that may affect function and activities associated with daily living. This should allow our clinical team to create individual, patient-centered goals and ultimately a tailor-made treatment plan based on your needs to support you in the short, medium, and long-term.



Based on the findings from Baseline Physical Assessment or Full body MOT or Sports MOT it may be agreed that Physiotherapy sessions are a good treatment option for you. We are based close to Dorking and have helped many clients needing follow-up physio across Surrey. A Physio session may incorporate joint mobilisation, sports injury treatment, assessment, treatment of pelvic and spinal alignment issues, and/or targeted soft tissue mobilisation.

We will make sure you clearly understand the causes and nature of your injury. Your Physiotherapist will assess and reassess you regularly, talk to you about the contributing factors, and provide treatment to improve your symptoms.

“Danni helped my son enormously. Thank you!”

Any combination of home exercises, Pilates sessions, and Manual Physiotherapy may prove the best way to treat longstanding conditions. We offer 30-minute Physio appointments, extended sessions (45 minutes), or Double sessions (1 hour) if your pain pattern is complex or you have more than one issue to treat.


Follow-up physiotherapy sessions


Pre-hab physiotherapy

Private or NHS, near Dorking, Guildford, and across Surrey, we have helped many clients with proactive pre-surgery physio. A proactive approach to physiotherapy when preparing for elective surgery such as knee or hip replacement is vital in achieving the best possible outcomes and speeding up post-operative recovery.

We can undertake a full professional physiotherapy assessment and provide effective exercise planning to ensure your preparation and recovery go smoothly.

Perfect prehab preparation.



Post-operative physiotherapy

After surgery, you want to minimise the time spent away from your normal active life around Dorking and Surrey.  If you have recently had surgery, our senior Physiotherapists are expert in developing strategies to help you with your rehabilitation and speedy recovery.

A tailored treatment plan helps to reduce pain and offers safe, gradual strengthening which is both effective and low impact. New to us? Book an in-depth assessment with a senior Physiotherapist.

Perfect rehabilitation.


Pre-Travel Physiotherapy



Even though Dorking and Surrey are beautiful… somewhere in the world the sun is also shining, the snow is glistening or the pull of loved ones in far-flung places is calling you to action. Whichever it may be, thoughts turn to flights and vacations… so, where will it be and how will you get there? A long plane journey, a car, a train, a coach trip … all four? A hefty bag to pull along, airports to navigate, and tourist spots to explore that burn a solid 20,000+ steps a day and stress test those backs, hips, and knees?

Travelling can take its toll on a body, but with good planning and preparation it really doesn’t have to. A Pre-Travel MOT at our Physio clinic near Dorking with one of our Senior Physiotherapists will not only prepare you for your trip, it will equip you with a tailored plan and all the packable tools and know-how you may need to self-manage and keep your body moving well and feeling well.

Well-chosen stretches and strength exercises (appropriate to your schedule and location & that can be done on the move) can be the difference between you enjoying a good rest and embracing every exciting experience that your time away brings or limiting your travels to accommodate your pain. Whether you are heading for the mountains, the beach or a grand tour, we want you to feel strong, mobile, flexible, and able, with any aches and pains dealt with and packed away while you are away.

Your body deserves it & so do you. A Bon voyage awaits.



The light at the end of the tunnel, health through Pilates. This fabulous piece of art, inspired by our CorefitPhysio logo, painted in oils and framed by our Nigel was gifted as a ‘token of his appreciation’ to Robyn and our team. We do what we do because we care deeply about each and every wonderful human being that walks, rolls, or skips through our practice doors. But, there are some people that kinda have you at ‘Hello’ and Nigel is one of them. He won our hearts and blew us away with his positivity, humour and unrelenting determination.

In his words “I arrived at CorefitPhysio in a wheelchair, unable to stand without assistance only 6 weeks ago. Today I am walking.” Nigel trusted in the rehabilitation process fully, engaged in every movement, exercise & direction, got an A+ for his homework and worked incredibly hard with our Senior Physiotherapist, Robyn Boothroyd. Today, he is not only walking unaided but climbing stairs and making plans to embrace and enjoy every aspect of of his hard earned mobility and the freedom that affords.

Bravo. Nigel.

The whole CorefitPhysio team was proud to support Benedicte (Ben) in her inspirational training journey ahead of running the London Marathon on 2nd October 2022, in aid of The World Wildlife Fund (WWF). 20 years on from her last marathon, Ben, a committed and intelligent amateur athlete, knew she needed a new string to her training bow and that stability was essential for good running technique and to help her avoid injury. That’s where we came. As an exclusively physio-led practice, we know that the slightest imbalance of the body can go on to create problems because of the repetitive nature of the running movement. Reformer Pilates is particularly effective for runners, working on hip, knee, and ankle alignment and improving the mechanics of the core and lower limb, in particular. It delivers fast results which is just what was needed.

Ben started her journey with us in December 2021 with a full bio-mechanical assessment before slotting quickly into group Reformer sessions. The focus of this was to supplement and underpin her meticulous programme of hill running and nutritional focus.

“As a runner who like to push my body, Reformer Pilates has become the ideal strength training to supplement my training and in preparing for this year’s London Marathon. I joined Corefit after a series of minor but frequent injuries and I am happy to say I have stayed injury free since.”

I’ve been attending Reformer Pilates, Studio classes, and physiotherapy sessions CorefitPhysio regularly since it opened! Lifetime follower right here. Following a slow and frustrating recovery from ligament reconstruction of my ankle, I decided to seek professional help at CorefitPhysio and I’ve never looked back. Through physio assessment, I was diagnosed with hypermobility and began to understand my body better as a result. Very importantly I learned how I needed to care for it to prevent further injury.

Then came cancer. Bowel cancer to be precise. And I left CorefitPhysio for several months during treatment (in retrospect I wish I hadn’t). It was during my recovery following major bowel surgery that I began to experience severe sciatica. My body was shot to pieces from chemo. I was weak, riddled with pain, and missed all of my regular exercise. I was devastated.

The team at Corefit managed to help me rehabilitate to a place where I could run again, where I wasn’t in pain 24/7, where I could go back to work and sit/stand at work as a doctor and sit on a flight to South Africa for a belated 40th trip that I never thought I’d make firstly with cancer, then debilitating sciatica. My recovery was far from linear but CorefitPhysio was and still is my lifeline, my therapy, and a necessity for my hypermobile body and I to function well together. I’ve sprained my ankle at least 20 times, sometimes so severe I can’t walk. And together with the Corefit team, I’ve got back up again literally. In March 2021, I posed a question. Could run the London marathon for a bowel cancer charity. The team had their reservations as my injured, bendy, sciatic body may not take it…but the legends they are, they supported me, looked after my multiple injuries through training, whilst mopping up my tears. They encouraged me, strength trained me, and Senior Physiotherapist, Miranda even completed all the running training with me. I successfully ran the whole London marathon in October 2021.

“Thankyou CorefitPhysio for helping me live my best life post cancer, for supporting me, for keeping me strong.  As a doctor I wish everyone could access clinical Pilates in some form, as the health benefits mentally and physically are immense.”