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Sessions at Wimbledon |

Machine-based Pilates in a safe, relaxed environment conducted by experienced Clinicians.

At Corefitphysio Wimbledon we offer an array of Clinical Pilates sessions. Clinical Pilates has been developed by Physiotherapists by modifying Joseph Pilates original exercises to support rehabilitation, improve functional movement and enhance sports health. All Pilates sessions at Corefitphysio are led by clinicians with the minimum of a degree in exercise science, movement or physiotherapy. Our handpicked team are skilled in diagnosis, able to connect your symptoms to the underlying pathology and will apply excellent clinical reasoning when they select exercises for you.

At Corefitphysio Wimbledon all sessions incorporate matwork, machine-based Pilates and exercise using small and large accessories and equipment. Our fully equipped studio allows for endless exercise variety and modifications, and our clinicians are skilled in adapting exercises to suit each client’s needs. In any session, we aim to target each client’s personal requirements, respect each person’s Pilates ability and work toward each individual’s goals.

Initial Biomechanical Assessment

In order to plan the best-fit course of treatment, all clients need to be fully assessed by a Physio. At your first visit, we will take a full history of your condition/s, review any previous investigations/reports or treatments, look at your movement, using hands-on techniques and/or Pilates exercises assess you, explain our findings and begin to treat you. We will give you a small selection of home exercises to get you going in preparation for your next session. Together you and the physio will agree on a goal-led treatment plan to target your specific needs. You will discuss which session types may be most beneficial for you.

Private Pilates (1 to 1)

One-to-one sessions are tailored to your rehab needs by your physio or clinician and incorporate matwork, small equipment and apparatus-based Pilates. Private Pilates sessions offer the ideal route to efficiently achieve your recovery goals. Long-term injuries or ongoing conditions may best be treated in Private Pilates sessions. It is recommended that those new to pilates attend a few privates prior to joining Duo or group sessions. A course of Private sessions allows time for your Clinician to regularly revise your home exercise programme and to accurately measure your progress. Private appointments may be purchased individually or in blocks of five, and ten

Duo Pilates (2 to 1)

A Duo (2:1) session is suitable for couples or friends. In the absence of one of your pair, the session is treated and charged as a private session.
As one of a pair, you will be guided by your clinician through an individually tailored exercise programme incorporating Matwork, small equipment and apparatus-based Pilates. As one of a Duo there is scope to provide you with a personally tailored home exercise program which can be reviewed and progressed regularly in your session. All new clients must attend an initial biomechanical assessment with a Physio prior to commencing Duo’s. Having assessed you individually and watched you move your Clinician will be best able to tailor your Pilates programme to your specific needs and can then safely and effectively progress you in the shared session. A Duo has a maximum of 2 participants. These 55 minute sessions are sold individually, or in blocks of five, or ten.

Semi-private (3 to 1)

In a Semi-private session the Clinician provides each of the three participants with a bespoke exercise programme tailored to individual needs and ability. The session incorporates matwork and machine-based Pilates including Cadillac, Arc, Split-pedal chair and Reformer exercises. All new clients must attend an Initial Biomechanical assessment prior to commencing classes. Having assessed you thoroughly and watched you move your Clinician will be best able to tailor your Pilates programme to your specific needs and through constant reassessment, your exercises are progressed safely and effectively in class. A Semi-private has a maximum of 3 participants. These 55-minute classes are sold individually, or in blocks of five, or ten.

Circuit classes (5 to 1)

Available at Wimbledon only.
Enjoy the versatility, flow and dynamics of clinical Pilates in an affordable and sociable class setting. Circuits are designed to improve functional strength, tone, endurance, aesthetics, balance, coordination, flexibility and posture. The session led by a Physio or clinical Pilates instructor will incorporate exercises on the Cadillac, Reformer, Arc Barrel, Split pedal Chair and small equipment. All new clients must attend an initial biomechanical assessment with a Physio prior to commencing circuits. For your safety and to gain the most benefit, we recommended you do some privates or semi-privates first to build up a good understanding of Pilates techniques and become familiar with machine-based exercises. These 55-minute classes are sold individually, in blocks of five, or ten.

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