During the period we are physically closed for face to face appointments, we are providing a virtal service online and the pricing will be different.

Interactive Online Class:
If you normally purchase a block of refomer class sessions with us, please do the same and we will apply a 30% discount on your block rate each time you attending an interactive online class.  If you would like to pay as you go the fee is £15.

Guided Flow Classes:
If you attend a 30 mins or 55 mins guided online flow class you will be charged £5 or £10 respectively and this will be taken from your block payment, or you can pay for them as you go if not on a block rate.

Privates and Duo’s:
If you are attending a Private or Duo session, please purchase your normal block and we will apply a 30% discount to your block rate each time you attend your online session.


Corefitphysio provides a secure online payment method using your card via Sage Pay or you can make a bank transfer.

  • Scroll down and click on the Corefitphysio service you wish to purchase.
  • Proceed to add it to your shopping cart and go to checkout.
  • If you wish to use a credit/debit card or make a bank transfer select ‘Proceed to check out’. Here you will need to fill in your billing details.
  • If you select to pay via bank transfer you will be supplied with our bank details and will need to transfer the money from your bank account directly.
  • If you select to pay with credit/debit card you will be directed to Sage pay to fill in your card details to complete the transaction.