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Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Clinical & Specialist Massage and Wellbeing – everything you need to achieve your goals.
We provide a broad range of services to help out of pain, keep you out of pain, mobilise, strengthen, lengthen or support your body.
Physio sessions (including specialist Vestibular, Neurological, Womens Health Physio), Physio-led machine-based & Reformer Pilates (1:1, 2:1, 3:1 or 6:1 sessions), Dynamic Matwork & Barre classes and Clinical/Specialist massage will get you and keep you fighting fit. All Clinical services Corefitphysio are led by a senior Physio team, each with the minimum of a Degree in exercise science, movement or physiotherapy.
Our handpicked team are highly skilled in assessing, diagnosing, treating and managing your route to improved function, mobility, strength and wellness, connecting with your underlying pathology and applying excellent clinical reasoning to select or adapt exercises for you.
We do not believe the ‘one size fits all approach’ works for anyone. As a team, we work with you to identify and focus on your specific needs and goals. We discuss and communicate the plan with you and between our Physio team, to agree the best possible approach. This is reviewed and detailed medical records updated after each and every session you attend with us. This allows us build a clear and developing picture of your body and a pattern of how it works, what it likes and doesn’t like to do and what it needs to function at its very best. It provides our clinicians with your blueprint to tailor a progressive treatment/class plans to you and your body, vital in keeping you injury free and maintaining good function.
Whether you are injury-free with sporting and aesthetic goals or suffer from acute conditions or long-term pain- we know we can help. And we will help.

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